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Debt structuring and loan terms

Two large grains bins

  When it comes time for you to borrow money to support your agricultural operation, there are many considerations in determining what type of loan you need. As a borrower you should consider and discuss with your lender: The purpose of the loan Your philosophy regarding debt How the loan fits your business plan and… Read more »

Farm to Plate: St. Patrick’s Day

A potato harvester unloads potatoes into a trailor

  Every March 17 across America, people don their green attire to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Originally a religious observance recognizing the patron saint of Ireland, it has grown into a celebration of all things Irish. From Shamrock, Texas to Limerick, Maine, America’s 34.7 million Irish-American citizens (along with their friends and neighbors) will watch… Read more »

Farmers markets transcend the urban/rural divide

A variety of fresh vegetables are shown at a farmers market

By Alex Canepa, Farmers Market Coalition No matter how you voted on election day, chances are you’ve read a headline like this: “Election Highlights a Growing Rural/Urban Divide.” In all the post-election hubbub, media outlets from the New York Times to Fox News agreed on one thing—there’s a distinct divide between urban and rural Americans…. Read more »

Introduction to leasing

A man sitting in the cab of a new combine

  It’s no secret that agriculture is a capital-intensive business, with land, buildings, vehicles, equipment, livestock and inputs all adding to the price tag. Especially for beginning farmers, the amount of capital needed, both upfront and on an ongoing basis, can seem insurmountable. One way to reduce this capital requirement is to lease rather than… Read more »

Crop insurance basics

A rainstorm strikes a field

  Crop insurance is a critical component of agriculture today, impacting not only farmers who directly participate in the program, but also local communities, businesses and lenders. Many Farm Credit System associations offer crop insurance, and according to National Crop Insurance Services, “More than 86% of insurable farmland in the United States is now protected… Read more »

The importance of Mexico to local agriculture

Two farm hands milking cows in a parlow

  It is no secret that agriculture plays a vital role in the state economies of Minnesota and Wisconsin. In fact, both states rank in the top 10 nationally in ag receipts. But it is also no secret the importance of international trade to the upper Midwest and our industry.   Trade was a major… Read more »

Personal credit impacts business financing

A person using a mobile pay credit card application

  There’s no question that agriculture is a capital-intensive undertaking, so the ability to obtain credit is essential. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be a challenge, in part because an individual’s personal credit score can impact a lender’s review of a loan request. Three different credit scenarios can cause stumbling blocks, though it’s important to understand… Read more »

5 steps in effective succession planning

Three generations of farmers standing in front of a combine

  As agricultural producers start to think about planning for the eventual transition of their operation to the next generation, there are five essential steps that will facilitate a smooth transition and help ensure the financial stability of all involved. Build a thriving, profitable business. Yes, this is what most businesses aim for, but with… Read more »

Choosing the right financial partner

Two smiling farmers meet with their lender

  Finding the right lender for an agricultural operation is a key business decision that can impact the success of an operation. Because of the high capital needs and the cyclical nature of agriculture – as soon as one season is over, preparation for the next begins – farmers and ranchers are best served when… Read more »

What to expect when applying for a loan

A farmer and lending shaking hands

  Agriculture is a capital-intensive business, and for most operators, especially new farmers and ranchers or those looking to undertake a significant expansion, meeting these financial needs means applying for a loan. Applying for a first loan can be intimidating, but with adequate preparation you and your lender can determine the feasibility of your loan… Read more »