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Celebrating National Beef Month

A herd of brown beef cows

  Odds are good that you have heard the saying “Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.” Well, that saying is especially true during May, as we celebrate National Beef Month. This is a time to honor the hardworking farmers and ranchers who make it happen while also enjoying the great taste beef products provide. Like other… Read more »

Farm to Plate: St. Patrick’s Day

A potato harvester unloads potatoes into a trailor

  Every March 17 across America, people don their green attire to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Originally a religious observance recognizing the patron saint of Ireland, it has grown into a celebration of all things Irish. From Shamrock, Texas to Limerick, Maine, America’s 34.7 million Irish-American citizens (along with their friends and neighbors) will watch… Read more »