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The changing climate of agriculture policy

A row of giant grain bins with corn in the foreground

  As a whole, the agriculture industry tends to fly below the radar when it comes to politics. Like the farmers and ranchers who make our food and sustenance possible, ag policy is typically low key. In fact, legislation relating to our industry is often one of the few areas that enjoys on-going bipartisanship. It… Read more »

The importance of Mexico to local agriculture

Two farm hands milking cows in a parlow

  It is no secret that agriculture plays a vital role in the state economies of Minnesota and Wisconsin. In fact, both states rank in the top 10 nationally in ag receipts. But it is also no secret the importance of international trade to the upper Midwest and our industry.   Trade was a major… Read more »

Skills-vs.-scale debate in production agriculture

Feeding Dairy Cows

By Bob Panzer, Risk Management Officer Recently I had a reader forward a link to a video presentation that Professor John Roche from Ireland had recorded focusing on the topic of skill versus scale in the relationship to production agriculture. I have addressed the topic of why many dairy producers have expanded their herds in the past… Read more »