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Rural America matters: A case for rural broadband

Two men monitoring the corn harvest on a tablet device.

  Nearly 60 million Americans reside in rural communities, and depend on their mobile phones and internet connectivity as much as those in urban areas – they talk, text, email and Skype with family and friends, shop and sell items on websites like eBay and Etsy, do research, work remotely and pursue online education opportunities…. Read more »

Rural broadband a key to the success of U.S. agriculture

A farmer looking at his GPS inside a tractor

  In a down commodity market, achieving higher yields from the same or fewer inputs is driving American farmers to be more precise than ever in how they manage their acres. U.S. farmers have always adapted and innovated, but now there is a significant transformation taking place in how farmers use both data and communications… Read more »

Staying connected: the reality of rural broadband

Man sitting on a hay bale with laptop

In our past couple blog entries, we’ve highlighted new technologies, such as mobile banking applications and drones. Today, we touch on a topic that is presenting a very real threat to those who live and work in rural areas. The power of the Internet has revolutionized business and our personal lives, alike. As long as… Read more »